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Beautiful Field of Flowers

Senior, Cheyenne

We captured the second part of Cheyenne’s senior photo session in this lovely Chattanooga field.

(You can see the first part of her session by clicking here.)

Cheyenne loves the outdoors, so this natural location was perfect for her portraits.

And, oh my, her blue-eyes! It was a totally dreamy session, and we had the best time!

Her parents were such a big help, and it was a blessing to work with this family.

Thank you, Cheyenne, for such a lovely senior session.

May you continue to shine as brightly in your future as you do today in the present!

(A couple of Cheyenne’s were in the spotlight recently on an international senior blog, Seniorologie, here.)

senior girl in flower fieldsenior girl in flower field

seniorologie spotlightHope you enjoy seeing a few more of our favorites from Cheyenne’s Chattanooga senior portrait session in the slideshow below.

senior girl in flower field
senior girl in flower fieldsenior girl in flower fieldsenior girl in flower fieldsenior girl in flower fieldsenior girl in flower fieldsenior girl in flower fieldsenior girl in fieldsenior girl roarsenior girl in field
senior girl in fieldsenior girl by treesenior girl with dandelion

Beautiful or Average?

We all make this choice everyday, whether we realize it or not.

Do we choose to see ourselves as beautiful or average?

What will you choose today?

This video by Dove , shows how many beautiful women choose “Average.” 

Enough said. Watch the video, if you haven’t already. It made me stop and think.

“She expresses beauty simply in who she is…it is her essence.” from Captivating, by Eldredge

This is a video that Dove produced for part of their recent ad campaign.

As a photographer of high school seniors, I shared this video because I want each senior that

I photograph to know that they are valuable and beautiful in their own unique way.

Jordan, Senior 2015

Graduate of Sequatchie County High School

What a great time we had with Jordan and his family, during his senior photo shoot!

Our shoot location was at a lovely farm location near Chattanooga.

We had such a beautiful day with some gorgeous light and landscape.

Jordan was such an all-around awesome guy to work with, and his family was the same.

They were all so down-to-earth and helpful. They wanted to make sure to get pics with a vintage tractor.

Of course, Jordan had to include his truck…the vintage green was so perfect!

They also wanted to have a barn and farmland for the background.

We got it all in one location, so we could not have had a more positive and memorable experience!

Thank you, Jordan! Best wishes on all your future plans!

Hope you enjoy viewing a few of my favorite images from the photo shoot.

Don’t forget to leave some love for the handsome senior!

senior guy in barn Hope you enjoy watching the slide show of a few more of Jordan’s senior photos below.

senior guy with truck

Senior 2015

Chattanooga Christian School

Madison is such a natural beauty inside and out!

She is very versatile and also enjoys getting her glam on, so I knew we were going to have lots

of fun with her senior photo session. We began her casual shots with some lovely light in a natural area.

I think she had more fun than we did, because she got to play in the leaves!

Next, her uncle brought his awesome restored truck to help us with a bit of vintage drama.

It was perfect! And she looked amazing in her red and blue chevron dress!

 We even had some time left for more sunset shots with the beautiful fall background.

We had such a great time with Madison and her mom and relatives!

Hope you enjoy seeing a few our favorite images from her session.

Don’t forget to leave her some love in the comments or likes!

Blessings in all your many future endeavors, Madison!

Now a little bit more about Madison:

Interests/Hobbies: Singing, Theatre, Animals, Reading, Travel

Possible Career Interests: Physical Therapy

Top Priorities: Relationship with Christ, family, friends, and excellence in action

What people say about her: Dedicated, loyal, gentle-natured

Fav Movies: Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge

Fav TV Shows: Downton Abbey, Castle

Fav Book: Pride & Prejudice

Fav Musicians: Michael  Buble, Frank Sinatra

Fav Bible Verses: Psalm 18:33, Isaiah 6:8

Fav Color: Green

Fav Subjects: Science, English

Style: Soft colors, vintage, natural

senior girl in leaves

senior girl in green treesmadisonfranklin11.blog.DSC_5420senior girl with sunflowersenior girl on pink blanketHope you enjoy the slide show below that features more images from Maddie’s senior photo shoot.

  • Tracy - March 30, 2015 - 12:41 pm

    Maddie…You are beautiful inside and out. I am so proud of all of your hard work. I can ‘t believe that you are about to graduate, but I am excited to see everything that the future holds for you. Your faith is inspiring. You are a wonderful mix of funny, intelligent, talented, sweet, interesting, and so many countless fantastic personality traits. I am amazed, happy, and proud to call you my niece, as well as my friend. Love you infinitely. Your Aunt Tracy :)ReplyCancel

  • Grammy - March 30, 2015 - 3:54 pm

    Maddie, From the time you were a little girl, until now, a beautiful young woman, you have been a wonder and a delight to me. I am so proud of you for many reasons, especially your love for the Lord and your strong faith. You stick to your Christian values and it shows in your gentle ways and your compassion for others. People may not know this, but you are very funny too. I couldn’t ask for a better granddaughter, cause I already have the best. Your determination will help you succeed in everything you do. Can’t believe it graduation time. Seems like yesterday we were in Panama City Beach and you were Power Puff Girl saving me from the sharks.lol. What wonderful memories I have of you and wouldn’t change a thing. I love you more than you could ever imagine. I am so glad God chose you to be my granddaughter. I love you, Grammy.ReplyCancel

Senior, Class of 2015

Silverdale Baptist Academy

Meet the naturally joyful, caring, and kind, Tiffany.

I love her smile, and her joy is contagious!

Tiffany’s main goal for her senior photo session was to just be herself.

So that is what we aimed for…images that would make her personality shine.

We began in a local field and tree area where she wore her favorite prom dress.

Boy, did we make some fun memories there!

Then we went to another location for a more casual feel.

We came back to our field at sunset for some amazing light-filled images.

It was a bit chilly, but Tiffany was a trooper…and when the soft breeze

blew through her hair and dress, it was so pretty!

Tiffany’s inner beauty sparkles and shines just like her outer beauty.

It is my hope that these images accomplished Tiffany’s goal.

Tiffany is on her way to attend college at Covenant University in the fall.

Wishing you all the best on your new journey, Tiffany!

More about Tiffany:

Main interests: Helping others, taking pictures, listening to music, spending time with friends and family

Possible Career Path: Early Childhood education

What others say about Tiffany: caring, loving, sweet, funny, good friend, loves God

Top Priorities: God, family, friends

Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Favorite Colors: blue, pink, purple

Favorite school subject: Art

Style choices: Natural, woodsy, artsy, classic

tiffanymajors.28.blog.DSC_4896I hope you enjoy the slide show below of a few more of my favorite images from this Chattanooga senior photo session.

happy senior girl in prom dress
senior girl with prom dresssenior girl twirling in prom dresslaughing senior girl in prom dresssenior girl twirling in prom dresssenior girl with prom dresssenior girl in prom dresssenior girl in prom dresshappy senior girl with prom dresssenior girl in prom dress
senior girl with butterflysenior girl with glittersenior girl with flagsenior girl with flowerssenior girl with skysenior girl in fieldhappy senior girl in fieldhappy senior girl in fieldsenior girl in field of light
senior girl in fieldsenior girl in fieldsenior girl in fieldsenior girl with sun flaresenior girl in fieldsenior girl by fencesenior girl with fencesenior girl with fence

senior girl with glitter

F a c e b o o k