Monthly Archives: June 2011

Photo Challenge: Father’s Day This is my man-child. Isn’t he awesome! Especially since he let me take this shot….. which is a very rare occasion these days at the very cool sixteen years of age. Makes my heart sing to see him casually strumming his ukelele on the beach to his favorite Ingrid Michaelson tunes. […]

  Childhood Photography in Chattanooga: Check out this little guy who was on the move and ready to play! First, he climbed into his dad’s red sports car for bit, and boy did his eyes light up (to see Part One of this post,  go here Next, he took a spin on his tricycle…played with some […]

Part One: Check out this little guy who is destined for the races in his daddy’s shiny red sports car!  From what I hear, he can buzz around the house with that inherent boyhood “need for speed” or just sit for hours tinkering with his dad’s tools. What a laid back, handsome guy he is, […]