Monthly Archives: January 2013

All You Need Is Love & Chocolate Winter can be a great time to do a photo shoot! Just think…no annoying bugs or heat and humidity to deal with! Some winter days are very refreshing in Chattanooga with the cool air, especially if you are wearing layers. Layers add style, just like the outfit below. […]

Prince Brother Saves the Day Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful fair maiden in a far away land. One day, she was overtaken with frustration and cried out for protection… “Help me, save me,” she cried. “For my pretty, pink purse handle  has broken and this strange lady keeps following me around making […]

Embrace the Moment {Cliche or not} Stop. Look around. Look up. Embrace the moment. “In repentance and rest is your salvation; in quietness and trust is your strength,” Isaiah 30:15 This is part of what prompted my post today… Oprah says this will shut your mouth. And I wanted to add this article, because it is […]

Little Mario Man Steals My Heart I loved every minute that I got to photograph this little guy playing with his action figures! It was such a reminder that, like it or not, there is something fierce in the heart of every boy/man. They want to conquer and “to feel they are powerful…or someone to […]

Hot Chocolate & Extra Marshmallows Please It is a fact at our house: never serve hot chocolate without marshmallows! And lots of them! As soon as it is the fall season…boom…requests for hot chocolate are never ending. Here, my little munchkin indulges in the sweet drink, with a smudge of sidewalk chalk smeared lightly on […]

Beauty in Bloom I was so excited to have had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful 2013 High School Senior! The following images are a few of my favorites that we captured together. They are part of my attempt to capture this young lady’s beauty in light of her foremost passions: art, books, and vintage […]