Monthly Archives: July 2013

Make It Memorable! It’s hard to think of your senior year as the year of ‘lasts’. Your last homecoming, your last school musical, your last spirit week, last football game, last prom. You want to make it a year to remember and never regret! So when it comes to getting your Senior Portraits…make sure they are fun […]

Does it really matter if I am having a bad hair day? This video got me thinking a lot about how we picture ourselves. Most often, what we see in the mirror, doesn’t match the way others see us. Maybe, then, it is possible, that when we look at a photo or reflection of ourselves, […]

Princess Fashion Show with Monsoon and Accessorize I enjoyed photographing all the pretty little princesses, after the Princess Fashion Show held by Monsoon and Accessorize at the mall recently. The girls were thrilled to be greeted and walk the stage with several of the Disney Princesses! I had access to a small space behind the […]