Monthly Archives: March 2014

Prom Dress Peek Time to get your prom dress on! There is a time for phone pics…and then there is time for the real deal. You spend lots of time and money making yourself special for that one night, so why not capture it with real style? Get yourself a prom dress mini-photo-session! This can […]

Elite Eight and Graduation Date Okay, so what do these two have in common, besides the fact that they rhyme? Well, not that much, except that I had the pleasure to photograph this awesome senior athlete recently. So I thought I would share my “elite eight” photo picks that I took of her in the […]

Hike up the Irish Hill I can just imagine climbing this spectacular stone staircase to witness a beautiful Irish wedding. And I can hear the birds serenading and the smell the sweet scent of fresh flowers. Green and golden surrounds me…Can you see the rainbow at the end? Hope your day is blessed with beautiful […]

Ben Crabtree SBA Senior, Class of 2014 Will attend Samford University in the fall, and was recently awarded the prestigious Presidential Scholarship. What else can I  say about this guy? Well, I could never say he is short on personality or politeness. Perhaps, because he has astutely studied the classic actors of the “Golden-Oldies” era, […]

Lovely Colors for Your Senior Photo Session It’s Fashion Friday… I saw my first beautifully bloomed out pear tree yesterday. Spring is definitely on its way. Oh, the soft, sweet colors of spring! Two of my favs are the popular mint and coral that are trending now. This outfit would be totally awesome for your […]

Into the Future This SBA high school Senior, Class of 2014 will be taking the big college leap soon! We are all excited about where his journey will lead him. I have a feeling, however, he will not be passive in his approach. As a born leader, he is one who takes the bull by […]