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I’m Caroljean. The face behind the camera at Full Life Photography. I love getting to know each person I photograph and capturing their unique personality on camera.

I am an observer, planner, and thinker, so I long to look for the details. Seeing the beauty and the wonder of the moment helps me to live more fully. Thus, the name Full Life Photography!

I am a random writer and reader. A sampler-platter partaker. A wife and mother of two awesome children. And a soft-souled, laugher-through-tears and lover of God, His Word, and His son, Jesus Christ.

What about your full life? If you are like me, you realize that time is fleeting.  You desire to capture the beauty of obtaining authentic portrait images of you and your loved ones that you can cherish for a lifetime. That’s where I can help. I am here to help you prepare and feel confident every step of the way. Take a look around, and if you like what you see, let me know by contacting me for more information. I would love to help you tell the story of your full life!

Caroljean Strawn serves the Chattanooga area and specializes in photographing high school seniors, teens, and children. She has worked diligently over the past five years to hone her craft. She has been taught by many well-know photographers in the industry and has been featured nationally, by organizations including Seniorologie, Senior Style Guide, Beauty Revived, Adoption.com, and The Twelfth Year. Caroljean holds a bachelor’s degree in communications.


  • Michelle Majors - Hey Carol…I would love to talk to you about some pictures of the girls and Bradley. Loving your work!ReplyCancel

  • admin - Hey Michelle! Thanks so much! I would love to talk with you! I am going out of town soon, but will call you when I return! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tiffany - Carol, I love your pics on here! The only thing is there are not enough!! 🙂 Just seeing what you have is like an appetizer, really good, but leaves you longing for more!! Hope you will keep adding to the site!! Thanks for a fun Friday! We really enjoyed it!ReplyCancel

  • admin - Tiffany, I needed to hear that. You are right, I just need to just keep doing what I have a passion for and then see where it takes me…step by step, God knows how it will all turn out. He is the man with the plan! Thanks for being an encouraging friend.ReplyCancel

  • Patricia E. Yates - Hi Carol, Wow, I didn’t know you were doing all of this. This is wonderful. I would love to share your Full Life Photos website and info to many of my friends.

  • Taylor McNelley - Hi! I am looking for someone to do some maternity pics for us and I love your pictures! I am currently 31 weeks, and was hoping to get some done as soon as possible. My husband and I both work 16 hr shifts on the weekends, so it would have to be anytime on a weekday. Would this be possible for you or would you be interested? Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!ReplyCancel

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