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 Mother’s Day is not Totally for the Birds On one hand, I agree with Ann Voskamp when she wrote “Mother’s Day is for the birds” in her article found here. Her words are always like poetry to my ears. This time was no different, because like she said “I am no Hallmark mom.” “Real Womanhood […]

Sweet & Simple I was thrilled to get to capture some beautiful Christmas images for my friend and her tween. Time passes by so quickly, and they were really wanting to get some pics of her with her favorite horse. I chose this image because her darling dimples, friendly freckles, and innocent blue eyes just make […]

Princess Fashion Show with Monsoon and Accessorize I enjoyed photographing all the pretty little princesses, after the Princess Fashion Show held by Monsoon and Accessorize at the mall recently. The girls were thrilled to be greeted and walk the stage with several of the Disney Princesses! I had access to a small space behind the […]

Three Sweet Sisters I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph these sweet sisters recently. I love how their personalities shine from the inside out.

Nothing Fancy…Just Glitter on the Floor It’s simple. Just get out the glitter, paper, paint, and scissors and make a big mess, and my girl glows.  It didn’t take much this Easter season. Just a Dollar Store Easter egg dyeing kit. I know. Very impressive, right? Well, she was over the moon excited about our […]

Christmas-Mini Session Playing catch-up on my blog! Just sharing a few from one of my favorite Christmas mini-sessions! Although these kind of fit the season in a way…this young beauty is just like spring…full of life and joy!

What do those Little Valentine Candies Mean?  Love this lesson I saw on Facebook this week…reference was RiverKidz at RiverChurch Chattanooga. Can’t wait to go over this with my daughter today! Hope you enjoy the lesson! (I have included a few images from my daughter’s Valentine mini-photoshoot). Hope you have a great Valentine’s weekend! What some […]

Valued and Loved “A masterpiece original is signed by the artist. It is valuable because of who painted it. So is your son or daughter… After all, they are signed by THE Artist.” I really needed to read this today, so I am glad I picked up the parenting book by Ron Hutchcraft. I surely don’t mean […]