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 Mother’s Day is not Totally for the Birds On one hand, I agree with Ann Voskamp when she wrote “Mother’s Day is for the birds” in her article found here. Her words are always like poetry to my ears. This time was no different, because like she said “I am no Hallmark mom.” “Real Womanhood […]

Hike up the Irish Hill I can just imagine climbing this spectacular stone staircase to witness a beautiful Irish wedding. And I can hear the birds serenading and the smell the sweet scent of fresh flowers. Green and golden surrounds me…Can you see the rainbow at the end? Hope your day is blessed with beautiful […]

Sweet & Simple I was thrilled to get to capture some beautiful Christmas images for my friend and her tween. Time passes by so quickly, and they were really wanting to get some pics of her with her favorite horse. I chose this image because her darling dimples, friendly freckles, and innocent blue eyes just make […]

Slowing Down During the Christmas Crunch I am feeling it! It is Christmas crunch time! Fourteen more days and counting! My Martha Stewart skills are severely suffering. I haven’t even decorated the tree….ugh! But tonight is the night! I must begin to celebrate Advent, even though I am 15 days late. I have taken the […]

Does it really matter if I am having a bad hair day? This video got me thinking a lot about how we picture ourselves. Most often, what we see in the mirror, doesn’t match the way others see us. Maybe, then, it is possible, that when we look at a photo or reflection of ourselves, […]

Changing the Stories of the Faces of Poverty I know your heart is much like mine and is touched deeply when you hear the plight of orphans around the world. But this blog post shot an arrow through my soul. This hit home in a big way. As most of you already know, there […]

To Name a Few of Mine… To hear the deep, uninhibited, bubbly giggles of my dear daughter. To see my beloved son enjoy walking as a man of God. To take time to memorize the color of my husband’s eyes. To see the faces of my dearest friends. To read and study the inspiring message […]

Listen to His words…He Says I am Beautiful I love that this song was the one sung during the finale by our new American Idol winner this week. The words are so much a part of what a woman or girl longs to know deep in her heart of hearts. According to many books, including […]