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Squeezing the Most Out of Summer  Where does the time go? It can’t be time to go back to school already! Guess we will have to squeeze the most out of what is left of summer. Making homemade lemonade and having an art show sounded like a good idea. I was also practicing a bit […]

Chic Critique Fall Cover Photo Entry I entered this photo in the Chic Critique Fall Cover Photo contest. It’s a long shot, but I love this image. It is entitled “compassion.” I have just recently discovered the Chic Critique magazine & forum. Can’t wait to get started! See some awesome entries, by clicking here.  

Grass is always Greener on the Other Side We had a bunch of fun with this fella this spring. We would occasionally stop on our way home from school to pet him and his friend. On this particular day, we were feeding this fella some nice green clover that was beyond his reach on our […]

Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk…on Blueberry Hill! I recently took my dear daughter blueberry picking. She was totally delighted, despite the fact that she doesn’t really like the taste of blueberries. There is just something about collecting nature’s tiny treasures that captivates her spirit, whether it be berries, shells, wildflowers, rocks, or etc. She is made to […]

The Other Side of the Fence  Do you think this fella was posing for my camera? I am not sure, but he sure seemed to think the grass was greener on the other side of the fence! He was making all sorts of faces when we wouldn’t give him any more clover to eat. We […]

Beautiful Battle of Hope  Meet my awesome friend, Lisa. Here, her vibrant, colorful personality stands out against the backdrop of some of the little things she loves: nature, flower gardening, english ivy, and her favorite scarf. Everyone loves her sharp wit and ability to make them smile. The quick pep in her step energizes those […]

Macro Monday Giveaway Starts March 19 I am making a “New Year’s” resolution a little late this year. I am going to start taking more macro shots. I have been waiting to get my ever so coveted macro/micro lens, but have decided not to let that stop me. I am just going to start using […]

The Beautiful Bond of Motherhood I love the soft, sweet emotion of this image. I took this during a family session that I did recently. They were the sweetest! I like how this image turned out in b&w too, so I thought I would enter it into the “Beautiful B&W” I Heart Faces Photo Challenge. I added […]