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Valued and Loved

“A masterpiece original is signed by the artist. It is valuable because of who painted it. So is your son or daughter…

After all, they are signed by THE Artist.”

I really needed to read this today, so I am glad I picked up the parenting book by Ron Hutchcraft.

I surely don’t mean for this to turn into a parenting blog, but the photo below seemed to fit what was on my mind today.

It seemed to show the thrill of a precious, trusting child being totally valued and loved exactly AS they are…

And for WHO they are…not based on ability or appearance, but solely on their value in God.

I want my kids to know their intrinsic value based who God says they are, so they will be firmly rooted in our Creator.

I want to remember to record on their life-tape that “God only does masterpieces.”

••I also wanted to add, (just in case my teenage son–that is, my awesome 18-year-old son–reads this and rolls his eyes in agony…)

even if I don’t always do such a great job at making sure my kids always feel like masterpieces, it is still my goal :).

“Oh Lord…You created my inmost being…I praise you, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” Psalm 139.

Love in the airThis image was entered into the I Heart Faces “Love” Photo challenge for February.

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