Blueberry Picking Photos in Chattanooga

Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk…on Blueberry Hill!

I recently took my dear daughter blueberry picking. She was totally delighted, despite the fact that she doesn’t really like the taste of blueberries.

There is just something about collecting nature’s tiny treasures that captivates her spirit, whether it be berries, shells, wildflowers, rocks, or etc.

She is made to collect! So this was a special evening full of magic for her…and for me, since I also got to collect some lovely images of her!

Yes, of course, a photo shoot was my ulterior motive; however, making it a special experience for her seemed to make it all worthwhile.

We began our journey in the car, by listening to the audio book, Blueberries For Sal, by Robert McCloskey (at least twice).

I so enjoyed watching my “little Sal” gather her treasures in her imaginary “tin pail”…kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk!

One by one, she was careful to gather only the bluest berries, and she would scold me if I had a few that were too red in my bucket…ha!

Chattanooga Child Photography Blueberry picking

Of course, she wanted to be the one with the most berries in her bucket, but dad was busy making it a clean competition.

The little blueberry farm near Chattanooga was so quaint and well-kept (click here to find out more about it).

The pick-your-own buckets were stacked neatly near a table that included paper towels, hand sanitizer, and a registration book.

A small sign “$8/gallon” humbly reminded pickers to leave their small donations.

What a simple pleasure and wonderful memory for us all! Can’t wait to go back next year!

Chattanooga Child Photography Blueberries1Chattanooga Child photography Blueberry picking

Chattanooga Child Photography Blueberries for SalChattanooga Child Photography Blueberries for Sal2Chattanooga Child Photography Blueberry PickingOh, I almost forgot to add an image of the the tasty end result of our little trip to Blueberry Hill…yummy blueberry, peach cobbler!

Chattanooga Photography Blueberry Cobbler


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