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 Mother’s Day is not Totally for the Birds

On one hand, I agree with Ann Voskamp when she wrote “Mother’s Day is for the birds” in her article found here.

Her words are always like poetry to my ears. This time was no different, because like she said “I am no Hallmark mom.”

“Real Womanhood isn’t a function of becoming a great mother, but of being loved by your Great Father.

Someone write that on a card with a bouquet of flowers. We all need that.”

But on the other hand, I am very fond of Mother’s Day.

I think mom’s should have their special day to be celebrated.

My favorite thing is receiving the poems my kids write for me (under the direction of their dad, with a hint from their mom).

I am so glad I have those poems from my college son now. That way I will always have record of the days when he told me

I was his best friend several times a day. Those days are gone now, but I still have a bit of proof that they actually happened :).

Now, tomorrow, I am expecting I will get a poem from my nine-year-old dear daughter.

I can’t wait! She doesn’t seem to say I am her “best friend” quite the same way. But she tells me she loves me

and hugs me real hard at least 20 times a day. She is my sweet flower child.

Here is my favorite picture of us last May, when we were playing and making clover chains.

True, I may not be remembered as a Hallmark Mom, but we will always remember the day when I was Queen of Cloverland.

mom and daughter in clover

And on another hand, I realize this time is fleeting.

There will come a time when my daughter won’t want me hanging around her near as much.

But that is okay. I will still have my poem to hang onto :).

And just like the video says below…He sees! And I can hang onto that!

Happy Mother’s Day 2014!

Moms, please take time to watch the video below. I think you will be blessed.

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