Joyful Summer Photo Makes Finals

Summer Joy

My daughter LOVES the water!

Whether it is taking a bath, running through the sprinkler, pouring water on her imaginary flowers, or swimming in the pool,

water simply brings her an abundant amount of joy!

This image captures a joyful moment after swimming at the pool this summer.

By looking at it, I can’t help but recall how much she loved to repetitively wash her little dishes in the sink just a few years ago…so sweet!

And, I can’t help but remember how in preschool sheΒ swore she was going to grow up to be a “mermaid.”

It makes me wonder if her love of water comes from originally living in a country where water was so scarce?

Or maybe it is just the way God made her?

I know He made her full of grace and joy…and, appropriately so, Grace is her middle name.

“Grace is like water…it flows downhill and pools in the lowest places.”

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This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces “Best Face of Summer 2011” photo challenge.

While it was not voted to win, it did make it to the final round of top photos for the contest…yeah!

You can go to to see more fun faces of summer 2011!

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