Senior Prom Dress Beauty

Deeply Captivating

Maddie is a senior graduate now. You can see her senior portraits here.

I was also honored to capture her gorgeousness in her prom dress recently,

(thanks to help from the fabulous MUA Alese Maples).

No doubt, Maddie is a stunning young lady…inside and out…and we love her for her deeply captivating goodness!

On a similar note, I hope you don’t mind if I discuss a topic separate (but related) to senior portraits.

Beauty is a big topic for women. It just is. It is the way God made us. And it’s okay.

Let me say it again…it is okay to desire to be beautiful. I know some women may feel uncomfortable with this.

But it not just the desire to be outwardly beautiful that we long for, it is the desire to captivating for who we are deep-down.

This is our ultimate desire, whether we realize it or not, according to authors, John & Staci Eldredge,

in their New York TimesBestseller, Captivating.

For instance, in movie The Sound of Music, Maria may not be considered as outwardly beautiful

 as the rich Countess, but she has a rare and beautiful depth of spirit.

“She has the capacity to love snowflakes on kittens and mean-spirited children.

She sees the handiwork of God in music and laughter and the climbing of trees.

Her soul is alive. And we are drawn to her.”

So, you see, this topic of beauty isn’t just about dresses and makeup.

“We want a beauty that can be seen; beauty that can be felt; beauty that affects others; a beauty all our own to unveil.”

That’s my soap box today. Hope you enjoy Maddie’s images below.

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