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Ben Crabtree SBA Senior, Class of 2014 Will attend Samford University in the fall, and was recently awarded the prestigious Presidential Scholarship. What else can I  say about this guy? Well, I could never say he is short on personality or politeness. Perhaps, because he has astutely studied the classic actors of the “Golden-Oldies” era, […]

Katrina Grace Academy, Class of 2014 Pretty purple flower grass, a pink rose bush, an iron gate, a simple waterfall, and some gorgeous light… the perfect combination that created some stunning backdrops for this young beauty! But it was Katrina’s inner beauty that really stood out to me in these images. Her deep, dreamy, capable, […]

Make It Memorable! It’s hard to think of your senior year as the year of ‘lasts’. Your last homecoming, your last school musical, your last spirit week, last football game, last prom. You want to make it a year to remember and never regret! So when it comes to getting your Senior Portraits…make sure they are fun […]