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Sydney Kinser Graduate of Silverdale Baptist Academy, Class of 2014 This young lady stole my heart when I met her for the first time at Panera to discuss her senior portraits. We had such fun, during both her studio shots and her outdoor session. She was so easy to work with and was tremendously patient. […]

Be-YOU-tiful “Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” That about sums it up. Beautiful Senior. Beautiful place. Blessed.

Three Sweet Sisters I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph these sweet sisters recently. I love how their personalities shine from the inside out.

Who Loved to go Hiking… And she would pack up her favorite things and put them in her backpack. And off she would go…into the woods. And she would delight herself by playing among the branches of the woods. And she would collect all kinds of natural treasures, including the leaves of the trees she […]

Tra-la-la…Rum-tum-tiddle-um-tum I love a good children’s book! And The Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh is one of my favorites. The stories are full of old-fashioned wit and wisdom. From the humming of the “Slightly rotund, Bear of very little brain, but very generous heart” to the entertaining personality mix of his companions, the memorable but silly sayings […]

Sweet Baby Blues I was pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity to take six-month portraits for this sweet baby recently. This young mother was such a natural, and we had the best time together. She brought along some of the cutest little outfits, and we had lots of fun both inside in the studio and […]

Just Monkey Grass No. Small, yes…insignificant, no. If we look closely…very closely…say, with this macro lens like I used here. My plain-old monkey grass becomes a brilliant rainbow…not as perfect as the real thing, but with similar brilliance. I have said it before, but it resonates with me again today…seeking beauty seems to be my […]

A Girl and Her Horse There is something romantic about a girl and her horse. And something that stirs the heart of the one who connects to these wild and mysterious creatures. Although this was my first equestrian shoot, it was my hope to capture the spirit and bond of the subjects. All the technicalities […]