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The Joy of Serving Briana, Senior, Class of 2017, Baylor School “When I’m helping others, I feel joy. When I see others hurting, my heart breaks for them. I feel things very deeply and love to make a positive difference in someone else’s life whenever I can.” Wow, just wow, Briana.  To discover this truth […]

True Beauty and Living Original I am reposting the Sadie Robertson video in case anyone else is like me and lives in a hole ;). It certainly resonates with me and most people I know. As Sadie mentions, jealousy, comparison, and worry “is a cancer to our bones.” Sadie is 18, so I am sure that many […]

Deeply Captivating Maddie is a senior graduate now. You can see her senior portraits here. I was also honored to capture her gorgeousness in her prom dress recently, (thanks to help from the fabulous MUA Alese Maples). No doubt, Maddie is a stunning young lady…inside and out…and we love her for her deeply captivating goodness! […]